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Mobileye 6 series

Is your fleet as safe as it could be?

Mobileye’s Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) has revolutionised driver safety with the latest in artificial-vision technology that can be installed into any vehicle. Reducing risk, preventing collisions and saving lives every day on Australian roads.

About Mobileye

Mobileye was established in 1999 and is the global leader in the development of vision technology for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving.

Publicly listed on the Nasdaq (:MBLY) and a division of Intel Corporation, Mobileye works with Tier 1 suppliers and more than 25 auto manufacturers to bring state-of-the-art driver safety technologies to today’s vehicles.

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Mobileye for Fleets

Mobileye’s aftermarket solution is cost-effective, easy to implement and can be retro-fitted to any vehicle.

Incorporating the same award-winning technology as their OEM systems, fleet managers now have the opportunity to provide their drivers with the latest safety technology, today, without having to purchase new vehicles.

Standard Features

The Mobileye 6 Series aftermarket solution bundles 6 features into a compact, user friendly solution – enhancing the safety of your drivers, their passengers and all other road users.

Mobileye constantly measures the following distance to the vehicle ahead and provides the driver with an accurate indication of the relative distance (in seconds) and will remind the driver if it becomes unsafe.

Maintaining a safe following-distance reduces risk and allows more time to react should the vehicle ahead stop.

Mobileye will alert the driver to a potential collision with another vehicle or motorcycle up to 2.7 seconds ahead. (UFCW) “Urban” mode activates if approaching another vehicle too quickly at low speed.

Did you know that rear-end collisions are the most common cause of accidents and cases of whiplash?

Mobileye identifies the human form, monitoring pedestrians and cyclists in front of the vehicle. And, using advanced algorithms, can calculate potential collisions up to 2 seconds ahead and provide the driver with an alert, allowing more time to react.

Pedestrian detection is only possible during daylight hours or when lighting is adequate.  

Mobileye™ monitors lane lines and road edges, and will alert the driver when the vehicle’s wheels cross over the lane line unintentionally and without the use of a turn signal.

Crossing into oncoming traffic, even for a split second, can lead to a head-on and potentially fatal collision. The most common causes are distraction and fatigue.

Mobileye is able to read posted, electronic and temporary speed signs and will inform the driver of the last-posted speed sign value. The system can be configured to alert the driver when exceeding the posted speed limit.

Mobileye doesn’t have a clock or GPS built-in, so it does not know location or time-of-day when driving through school zones. 

Optional Features

The Mobileye 6 Series allows for add-on functions that further enhance its standard safety features.

Mobileye will automatically turn on the vehicle’s brake lights when activating FCW (Forward Collision Warning) before the driver has applied brakes. Giving the vehicle behind pre-warning. (may require additional hardware and wiring. It is also dependent on the type of brake light system)

Mobileye will automatically turn on the vehicles high-beams on open roads and automatically turn them off when detecting oncoming vehicles or ambient light from urban locations. (Not compatible with all vehicles)

Vibration motors fitted to the steering column or under the seat can provide tactile feedback and be configured to activate for any of the Mobileye alerts. (Requires additional hardware)

Connect Mobileye to the vehicle’s horn or other audible hardware to provide pedestrians with an alert when PCW is activated.

Mobileye can be integrated into any telematics or tracking system, providing alert outputs for management reporting and driver-behaviour analysis.


Mobileye’s technology, implemented into fleets across Australia and around the globe, has proven to deliver significant benefits to OH&S, operations, finance and marketing.

Full-featured collision avoidance system:

Because Mobileye is the supplier to the manufacturers, the technology inside the 6 series is what you’d get from a factory-fitted system found in most of today’s new cars.

Easily deployed into your fleet:

Our technicians can install Mobileye into any car, van, bus or truck. And in most cases, in under 2 hours. Ensuring minimum downtime and disruption to your fleet’s operations.

Intuitive and user-friendly:

The Mobileye system requires very little user-training and get’s to work immediately, helping your drivers stay safe from the moment they drive off.

Affordable and cost effective:

With fewer accidents, reduced downtime and associated expenses, the costs of fitting the Mobileye system are quickly recognised, with a typical ROI being 12 months or less

Set & forget:

Mobileye has no moving parts, requires no ongoing maintenance, updates or monthly fees. It just works!

Helps fulfill duty-of-care obligations:

For many drivers, the company vehicle is their “place-of-work”. Mobileye offers company Directors and Fleet Managers an effective means to assist in providing the safest working environment for their staff.

Integrates with other systems:

Mobileye can be linked to existing telematics, tracking or DVR systems – creating an event each time the Mobileye is activated. Giving fleet managers valuable data for driver behaviour, training & incentive programs or post-accident analysis.

Installation FAQ’s

What vehicles can be fitted with Mobileye?

Mobileye can be retro-fitted as an aftermarket accessory into any vehicle or fleet of vehicles, including passenger cars, vans, utes, trucks and buses.

Are there any hidden costs?

There are no ongoing fees or maintenance costs. The system requires no ongoing updates or calibration, unless it is removed from the windshield.

How long does it take to be installed?

Installation time varies depending on the vehicle. However, the average installation time per vehicle is around two hours.

How long will it take to train a driver on how to use Mobileye?

Very little driver training is required. The system is easy-to-use and very intuitive. Your driver will be provided with user guides and we have videos for their reference.

When will I see the benefits?

Once Mobileye is installed, it is immediately operational. The driver and the owner of the fleet will instantly realise the benefits – your fleet will be safer from day one.

If I retire a vehicle, can Mobileye be uninstalled and reinstalled in a new vehicle?

Yes, Mobileye™ can be removed from one vehicle and reinstalled in another. Some recalibration may be required, depending on the vehicles as each installation is vehicle-specific.

How do I get Mobileye installed in my fleet?

In Australia and New Zealand, Mobileye™ is installed by FleetSafe. Contact Us for further details.

About FleetSafe

FleetSafe is a division of 1800CARKIT Pty Ltd and has been supplying and fitting automotive technology solutions to some of Australia’s largest fleets since 2003.

FleetSafe’s head office, warehouse and R&D centre is based in Artarmon NSW, with technicians in all capital cities.

FleetSafe is the Official Australian Distributor of the Mobileye Advanced Driver Assistance System.

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