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About Us

Enhancing safety, reducing costs and saving lives 
is at the core of what we do.

Our Vision

An automotive future without collisions.

A country free from fatalities or injuries caused by road trauma. Where road transport operations are safer, more productive and profitable for our clients.
This is what drives us.

Our Mission

Equip every fleet-operated vehicle with advanced safety technology.

Studies have shown that road crashes are the most common form of work-related fatalities, injuries and absence from work in Australia, and that 25% of all company cars are involved in a crash each year. ¹

Around 50% of all vehicles on the road are registered to fleets. If every fleet vehicle was equipped with the latest safety technology, it would not only provide immediate safety benefits, but also allows the technology to filter into the public domain when the vehicle is sold, to a driver that most likely would not invest in the technology.

Who are we

Australia’s leading supplier of aftermarket automotive technologies.

For more than 15 years, we’ve supplied the automotive industry and thousands of drivers with cutting-edge technologies – from mobile phone hands free car kits, iPod and MP3 integration solutions, to reversing cameras and parking sensors.

Mobileye distribute logo

Since 2013, FleetSafe has been an Official Distributor and National Service Provider of the Mobileye Advanced Driver Assistance System. Mobileye and integrating Mobileye into 3rd party systems is the core of the companies offering. Partnering with resellers in key verticals while also providing a supply & install service direct to fleets.

Controlling all aspects of the supply-chain, from import, FleetSafe delivers a complete end-to-end solution for its clients. Allowing a single point-of-contact for sales, product development and customisation, administration, installation, servicing and warranty of the Mobileye system.

We’ve installed thousands of Mobileye systems, into all kinds of vehicles, right across Australia. You can trust Fleetsafe to equip your fleet with the Mobileye collision avoidance system.

Corporate Information

Company Name: 1800CARKIT Pty Ltd
ABN: 36 106 254 906
Date Established: September 2003
Trading Name: FleetSafe
Address: 1A Campbell St, Artarmon NSW 2064
Tel: 1-800-227 548
(02) 9436 1121
E-mail: hello@fleetsafe.com.au


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