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Adelie Foods, one of the biggest food distributors in the UK is rolling out Mobileye’s safety technology on a new fleet of light commercial vehicles.

Based near Heathrow Airport, Adelie Food’s drivers travel more than 12.5 million miles each year, making around 8000 deliveries per week across the UK.

Glenn Buick, distribution manager at Adelie Foods, said: “At the heart of the FTG industry is distribution. The safety of our drivers, of other road users, and of the communities we serve is our top priority.

“We have an excellent safety record but Mobileye will give us an extra layer of protection, as well as ensuring drivers constantly meet the incredibly high standards we expect of them.

“If a vehicle in front brakes suddenly, for example, Mobileye will automatically alert the driver providing additional time to avoid a rear end shunt.

“We are already getting fantastic feedback from drivers who have trialled the system in their vehicles to date and found it both highly effective and straightforward to use.”

Adelie Foods has more than 200 vehicles serving four manufacturing locations and seven distribution centres across the UK. The company’s locations include Cardiff, Tamworth, Leicester, Warrington, Middlesbrough and Kilmarnock as well as its Hounslow base.

Jeremy Coleman, Mobileye’s UK manager, said: “One of the challenges Adelie Foods faces is that their vehicles do a lot of miles on different types of road – from urban areas and city centres, to long distances on motorways and A roads.

“Mobileye can continuously monitor and protect whatever road the vehicle is on, with even the very best driver able to benefit from our technology that monitors headway time, speed and lane position, as well as alerting to potential collisions at any speed.

“Mobileye has taken the technology that we supply to OEMs to power ADAS and autonomous driving capabilities, and engineered a retrofit safety product that can be economically installed on virtually any vehicle already on the road, or rolling off the production line today.”