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Looking to enhance driver safety and reduce at-fault collisions in their light delivery fleet, Coles Online engaged an 18 month trial of the Mobileye system to evaluate and assess the technology’s effectiveness at changing driver behaviour and ultimately reducing collisions.

To measure effectiveness, Mobileye was integrated with a telematics system, to capture and log Mobileye events.

In an initial 3 week “blind” period, the Mobileye system was “muted” (driver not given any Mobileye alerts), yet fully operational in the background. Setting a baseline for each driver, “before Mobileye” which could be compared to driving performance measured with an active system for the remaining 9 weeks.

Pilot Summary:

  • 32
  • 11
  • Light Truck
  • 12 Weeks
  • 88,000 km’s

Mobileye events measured:

  • (HMW) Headway monitoring / tailgating warning
  • (FCW) Forward collision warning / approaching vehicle too fast.
  • (LDW) Lane departure warning
  • (RR) Risk Ratio = (HMW + FCW + LDW)/100km’s

Pilot Findings
Average Number of Mobileye Events / Driver

  • HMW reduced by 29%
  • FCW reduced by 45%
  • LDW reduced by 10%

75% of drivers reduced their Risk Ratio. The avg change was -27%

The pilot was widened to include a further 12 trucks and extended for a total period of 18 months, with Coles Online monitoring performance internally.

Coles Online committed to outfitting their entire Online delivery fleet with the Mobileye system, which commenced in April 2016 and is still ongoing as new vehicles enter the fleet.

To-date FleetSafe have supplied and installed around 600 units into Coles Online trucks.

Coles Online is an online retail website operated by Coles Supermarkets. The service offers a wide range of typical grocery products for purchase via the internet and subsequent home delivery or ‘click and Collect’ locations. The service is available to more than 85% of the Australian population.