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Coregas manufacturers and distributes compressed gas and cryogenic liquids throughout Australia. With a fleet consisting mainly of heavy tanker trucks that transport these hazardous materials.

While every organisation aims to minimise collisions, Coregas recognises that a collision, involving a vehicle carrying such hazardous cargo, could have very catastrophic consequences. Therefore, they are always on the lookout for ways to improve safety in their fleet.

Following a recommendation, Coregas engaged Mobileye’s Distributor, FleetSafe, to trial the Mobileye technology. The trial included a select number of trucks and cars driven by senior management. The company quickly recognised the benefits in fatigue management, lane keeping, safe following distances and early detection of potential collisions. In fact, one of the senior managers reported that the Mobileye system prevented a serious collision within days of having the trial unit installed in his car.

Very soon after, Coregas commissioned FleetSafe to retro-fit the Mobileye 6 Series Advanced Driver Assistance System into it’s entire fleet of company-owned trucks, across Australia. As well as into the trucks owned and operated by it’s contractors.

The Mobileye 6 Series uses machine vision and artificial intelligence to constantly watch the road ahead of the vehicle. Predicting potential dangers and providing the driver with both visual and audible alerts, in real-time, giving the driver more time to react and take evasive action. The Mobileye features include:

  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Forward Collision Warning
  • Tailgating Reminder
  • Pedestrian & Cyclist Collision Warning
  • Speed Sign Recognition and overspeed warning


Client comment:

“A collision can create an immense amount to damage to people and property. That, coupled with the dangerous nature of the goods we carry, makes vehicle safety one of our highest priorities. We believe that Mobileye technology is a major step forward in preventing vehicle collisions.”  —- Alan Watkins, Executive General Manager, Coregas

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FleetSafe is an Official Distributor and National Service Provider for Mobileye in Australia.