Cipia FS10 driver monitoring and fatigue detection system
Cipia FS10 driver monitoring and fatigue detection system

Driver Monitoring System (DMS) with Fatigue Detection

Cipia FS10 with road facing camera and event video recording

Keeps Drivers Safe And Attentive At The Wheel. 

AI algorithms analyse the drivers face and provide real-time alerts to potentially fatal incidents.

Cipia is a leader in computer vision AI for driver and cabin sensing. Supplying embedded solutions to global automotive brands needing to comply with the requirement for driver monitoring technology in today’s semi-autonomous vehicles. 

The Cipia FS10 is an easy-to-install driver monitoring solution that can be retro-fitted to any fleet vehicle or machine. 

The FS10 PLUS now offers an optional road-facing camera to capture high definition video of the road ahead on triggered events. 

Cipia FS10 driver monitoring system DMS exploded view

Self-contained AI Powered Driver Monitoring System (DMS)

At-the-edge computing for fast, accurate analysis of the driver to deliver the critical alerts needed to save lives.

Cipia’s industry-leading Computer Vision and AI algorithms monitor the drivers gaze, blink rate and head position, together with gestures and signs of fatigue, like yawning to make assessments of the driver’s state and attentiveness.

Issuing spoken, visual and haptic alerts in the steering wheel or seat to alert the driver of the exception event.

Life Saving Features. Add to Any Vehicle or Machine.


Driver Drowsiness
and Asleep

Cipia driver distraction

Driver Distraction and Attentiveness

Cipia phone use

Handheld Use of Mobile Phone

Cipia seatbelt

Seat Belt Visibility

Cipia smoking

Smoking and Vaping

Cipia Tamper

Camera Blockage and Tamper Alert

Monitor and Measure Driver Behaviour With Event-based Reporting & Recording

Cipia stores event and video data locally. Or connects to the cloud for data analysis and reporting.

Our cloud, or yours. Get driver behaviour data, together with full-colour event video, via our web-based FleetHQ platform. Or integrate into existing Power Bi dashboards, telematics and fleet management systems via API. 

Gain deeper insight into how your fleet is being driven, with comparative score-based reporting of best and worst drivers based on risk. Invaluable data which can be implemented into driver-rewards programs or training and performance reviews.  

Real-time Management Notification of Fatigue and High-Risk Events.

Gives management instant SMS or Email notification of events requiring immediate attention only.

Cipia’s award-winning computer vision and AI algorithms deliver superior detection and facial analysis, minimising false positives. The Cipia FS-10 doesn’t require human intervention or 3rd party monitoring. It’s smart enough to send only events that demand attention.

Cipia driver monitoring system (DMS) management reporting dashboard
Works With
Cipia driver monitoring fatigue road facing camera

Optional Road-facing Camera. The Smarter Dash Cam.

Combine DMS-detected events with high definition video footage of the road ahead.

Cipia delivers both in-cabin driver and road-facing video of events for a more comprehensive understanding of the causes and impact of fatigue and distractions – by including what’s happening outside of the vehicle at the time of, and leading up to the event. 

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