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Mobileye 6

Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)

Reducing Risk and Preventing Collisions. 

Mobileye saves lives. And costs.

Mobileye 6 is an Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) consisting of a single forward-facing vision sensor that constantly scans the road ahead, distinguishing and monitoring other vehicles, motorbikes, bicycles, pedestrians, lane lines and road edges.

Employing cutting-edge artificial vision technology, Mobileye uses intelligent algorithms to interpret a road scene and provide real-time feedback to the driver. And, in potentially critical situations, delivers immediate alerts – giving the driver more time to react and avoid the collision or, at least, reduce the severity.

Around 90% of all accidents are caused by human error, many resulting from driver fatigue or distraction. This is where Mobileye technology comes in – it never gets distracted or tired. 

“A collision can create an immense amount of damage to people and property. That, coupled with the dangerous nature of the goods we carry, makes vehicle safety one of our highest priorities. We believe that Mobileye technology is a major step forward in preventing vehicle collisions.”

Alan Watkins, Executive General Manager,  Coregas

Life-Saving Features

(HMW) Headway Monitoring & Tailgating Warning
HMW-1 Gives the driver constant real-time indication of the distance to the vehicle or motorcycle ahead and will issue a tailgating alert if the distance becomes too close.
(FCW) Forward Collision Warning
FCW Mobileye calculates the relative distance to the vehicle or motorcycle ahead and will issue both a visual and audible warning of an impending collision. Up to 2.7 seconds ahead.
(PCW) Pedestrian & Cyclist Collision Warning
PCW Mobileye distinguishes vulnerable road users and will issue both a visual and audible alert of an imminent collision with a pedestrian or cyclist up to 2 seconds ahead. Note: PCW is not active at night, in low light or at speeds greater than 50km/h
(LDW) Lane Departure Warning
LDW Mobileye will warn the driver with a visual and audible alert if the vehicle’s wheels unintentionaly cross the lane or shoulder lines without the use of a turn signal.
(SLI) Speed Limit Indication
SLI Mobileye reads posted, temporary and electronic speed signs and can alert the driver when exceeding the posted limit

Optional Add-Ons

Extend the functionality of your Mobileye 6 with these additional features.

Early Brake Warning
Mobileye can activate the vehicle’s brake lights when the driver is issued with a (FCW) Forward Collision Warning or (PCW) Pedestrian Collision Warning before the driver has applied the brakes. Giving the vehicle behind fore-warning.
Pedestrian Alert
Mobileye can be connected to any external audible or visual device to provide pedestrians and cyclist around the vehicle with an alert. This is particularly effective on electric vehicles or light rail which operate silently and may not be heard.
Haptic Feedback
Adding a vibration motor to the steering column or driver’s seat provides tactile feedback to any Mobileye alert.
Tamper Alert
Triggers an alarm (or other function within the vehicle) in the event that the driver tampers with the Mobileye system by blocking the vision sensor. Tamper Alert can also be integrated into telematics and CCTV systems.
Telematics Integration
Mobileye offers a variety of data output and trigger options for integration into most telematics and FMS hardware. Allowing management to report on Mobileye events.
Video Integration
Mobileye can be integrated into most CCTV, dash cam and DVR systems (provided they have inputs). Each time the Mobileye system provides a driver alert, it can trigger the CCTV or dash cam to create an event.

Get the Technology Trusted by Leading Auto Brands

Mobileye is used by the world’s top 27 auto manufacturers including Volvo, BMW, Audi, VW, Scania, MAN and more.
There are more than 50 million vehicles already on the road using Mobileye’s technology

Helps Combat the Effects of Fatigue & Distraction.

A few seconds is all it takes.

Global studies agree – around 90% of all accidents are caused by human error, with driver distraction or inattention the cause in around 80% of cases.

Mobileye operates as your driver’s co-pilot, with real-time in-cabin support. It constantly monitors the road ahead, providing instant feedback to give drivers those critical few seconds needed to avoid a collision. 

According to AXA Insurance – “2 seconds of early-warning could prevent virtually all rear-end collisions”  

Mobileye 6 can provide up to 2.7 seconds fore-warning before a collision with another vehicle or motorcycle. And up to 2 seconds before colliding with a pedestrian or cyclist. 

Safety That’s Easy To Implement.

With no ongoing costs.

You don’t have to purchase new vehicles to get the latest safety technology. Mobileye 6 is a quick and cost-effective means to retrofit your existing vehicles with advanced safety technology. The same technology that’s adopted by 25+ auto manufacturers. 

Mobileye 6 is also a one-off expense – with no moving parts and no maintenance or servicing required, it gets to work immediately, protecting your drivers and your assets.

Plus, there’s no ongoing monthly subscription service or data costs.

Changes Behaviour and Improves Driver Skills.

Resulting in a lower-risk driving environment.

Mobileye’s constant reinforcement of positive driving practice changes driver behaviour in a very short period of time. Driver’s naturally begin to preempt the alerts, such as the tailgating reminder, and adjust their following distances accordingly.

Pilots conducted by FleetSafe have demonstrated significant reductions in Mobileye events in only 8 weeks:

Tailgating Events – reduced by up to 29%
Forward Collision Warnings – reduced by up to 45%
Lane Departure Events – reduced by up to 61%

Gain Deeper Insight into Driver Behaviour.

Mobileye and telematics are better together. 

Know more about how your fleet is driving, with an additional data-set for driver-behaviour analysis and reporting.

Mobileye has already been integrated into leading tracking, telematics & fleet management systems like Navman, TomTom, Pinpoint, Mix, Microlise, Geotab, MTData and more. So you can begin receiving driver reports from the start.

Mobileye is platform-agnostic and can work with any telematics system. Our in-house technical team can work with you and your telematics provider to achieve integration. 

Increase Fleet Efficiency and Reduce Costs.

A typical ROI is 12 months or less.

By significantly reducing collisions, lowering your collision claims and insurance costs are just the beginning. The true costs of collisions could also include vehicle downtime, failed deliveries, injury to driver or 3rd parties, legal fees and more. 

There’s also reputation damage and bad publicity, which could have immeasurable associated costs.

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