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Mobileye 8 Connect ™

AI-powered collision avoidance system with cloud connectivity

Preventing Collisions, Measuring Behaviour.

Mobileye 8 saves lives and costs.

Mobileye 8 Connect is the most advanced collision avoidance system available today. Incorporating Mobileye’s EyeQ4 processor and upgraded camera technology, Mobileye 8 Connect sees further and wider. Plus Mobileye 8 can now detect pedestrians and cyclists at night and in low-light conditions.  

With it’s integrated SIM card and access to the Mobileye Connect Platform, the Mobileye 8 allows fleet managers to track, trace and measure the performance of their fleet’s driving habits, offering deep insight into safety-related behaviour.

The always-connected Mobileye 8 benefits from over-the-air (OTA) updates so you can rest assured knowing your fleet’s driver assistance technology is future-proof and always up-to-date with the latest features, delivered automatically and without interruption or intervention.



“A collision can create an immense amount of damage to people and property. That, coupled with the dangerous nature of the goods we carry, makes vehicle safety one of our highest priorities. We believe that Mobileye technology is a major step forward in preventing vehicle collisions.”

Alan Watkins, Executive General Manager,  Coregas

Life-Saving Features

(HMW) Headway Monitoring & Tailgating Warning
HMW-1 Gives the driver constant real-time indication of the distance to the vehicle or motorcycle ahead and will issue a tailgating alert if the distance becomes too close.
(FCW) Forward Collision Warning
FCW Mobileye calculates the relative distance to the vehicle or motorcycle ahead and will issue both a visual and audible warning of an impending collision. Up to 2.7 seconds ahead.
(PCW) Pedestrian & Cyclist Collision Warning
PCW Mobileye distinguishes vulnerable road users and will issue both a visual and audible alert of an imminent collision with a pedestrian or cyclist up to 2 seconds ahead. Note: PCW is not active at speeds greater than 50km/h
(LDW) Lane Departure Warning
LDW Mobileye will warn the driver with a visual and audible alert if the vehicle’s wheels unintentionaly cross the lane or shoulder lines without the use of a turn signal.
(SLI) Speed Limit Indication
SLI Mobileye reads posted, temporary and electronic speed signs and can alert the driver when exceeding the posted limit

Get the Technology Trusted by Leading Auto Brands

Mobileye is used by the world’s top 27 auto manufacturers including Volvo, BMW, Audi, VW, Scania, MAN and more.
There are more than 50 million vehicles already on the road using Mobileye’s technology

Drivers tired? Distracted?
They’re only human…

A few seconds is all it takes.

Mobileye is your driver’s co-pilot, with real-time in-cabin support. It constantly monitors the road ahead, providing instant feedback to give drivers those critical few seconds needed to avoid a collision. 

According to AXA Insurance – “2 seconds of early-warning could prevent virtually all rear-end collisions”  

Mobileye can provide up to 2.7 seconds fore-warning before a collision with another vehicle or motorcycle. And up to 2 seconds before colliding with a pedestrian or cyclist. 



Safety That’s Easy To Implement. 

And measurable too.

You don’t have to purchase new vehicles to get the latest safety technology. Mobileye 8 is a quick and cost-effective means to up spec existing vehicles with advanced safety technology. The same technology that’s adopted by 27+ auto manufacturers.

Plus, the Mobileye Connect Platform allows you to measure the impacts of your safety initiative, with reporting and metrics based on Mobileye events. 

Changes Behaviour and Improves Driver Skills.

Resulting in a lower-risk driving environment.

Mobileye’s constant reinforcement of positive driving practice changes driver behaviour in a very short period of time. Driver’s naturally begin to preempt the alerts, such as the tailgating reminder, and adjust their following distances accordingly.

Pilots conducted by FleetSafe have demonstrated significant reductions in Mobileye events in only 8 weeks:

Tailgating Events – reduced by up to 29%
Forward Collision Warnings – reduced by up to 45%
Lane Departure Events – reduced by up to 61%

Measure the Safety Impact

Mobileye 8 Connect and the Connect Platform

Mobileye 8 Connect is a unique system that combines collision avoidance alerts with g-sensor data to provide a powerful picture of how your fleet is improving. The optional Connect Platform gives fleet managers concrete insights into drivers’ safety-related behaviour, vehicle tracking, and compliance. Together with training or incentive-based programs, fleet managers can harness the power of Mobileye 8 Connect and give drivers the support they need. 

Mobileye EyeQ4 

Faster and more intelligent

Mobileye 8 Connect is powered by EyeQ4, the most advanced System-on-Chip in the Mobileye EyeQ family. The EyeQ4 technology has significantly faster processing power and includes the newest approaches in machine learning (ML) – Deep Neural Network (DNN) algorithms. DNN uses structures that are similar to the way the human brain thinks allowing a machine to handle layers of information.  

* Better detection of vehicles including non-standard shapes
* Pedestrian and cyclist detection in low light / night
* Higher quality detection
* Improved detection range

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