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Pedestrian Detection & Proximity Warning System

Proxicam™ with AI powered Human Recognition Technology

Zero harm. Job Done.

Proxicam™ helps operators and management uphold a culture of safety.

Working around heavy equipment carries inherent risk. Machine operators, while trained and professional, are human. And humans make mistakes.

Proxicam’s AI-powered smart cameras identify and track humans, alerting machine operators to their proximity, while enhancing visibility up to 360° around the machine, with up to 4 cameras.

Proxicam™ doesn’t get distracted or tired and operates in all weather conditions, day and night. Giving operators an extra eye on the task and management total peace-of-mind, ensuring everyone gets home safe.

Proxicam pedestrian detection on a forklift

Advanced Vision. Influenced by the Human Eye

Proxicam™ identifies and detects humans in any form.

Proxicam’s computer vision employs cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence, drawing upon years of research and development through deep learning of Neural Networks and simulated training to mimic our eyes and brain – to quickly and accurately distinguish humans in all types of complex environments.

Proxicam doesnt require RFID tags, specific safety vests or other hardware, eliminating the risk of human error.

Real-time Alerts. 24/7

Keep safe separation between personnel and machine.

Immediate audible & audio visual alerts warn the operator when a human enters the pre-defined detection or exclusion zone. 

Put operators and safety managers at ease. Proxicam’s real-time detection capabilities are not affected by weather and light conditions, above or below ground.

Proxicam alerting pedestrian in front of forklift

Easy to configure. Quick to deploy.

Proxicam™ can be installed onto any type of machine.

From landscaping to construction, materials handling to mining, the Proxicam™ pedestrian detection system is suited all types of equipment and can be installed by any auto electrician. 

The Proxicam™ calibration App runs on any smartphone or tablet and allows complete customisation of detection zones and alert configuration.

A range of cables and accessories with screw-lock waterproof Aviation connectors makes fitting quick and easy – plug n’ play, just like installing a regular camera system, only smarter.

Proxicam is compatible with all types of machines and vehicles
Proxicam pedestrian detection system is easy to configure

Modular By Design. Tailor the system to suit your application.

HMI options to suit your machine and your environment.

Proxicam pedestrian detection system on an excavator

Eliminate Blind Spots. Up to 360º Visibility.

Give operators a real-time, live view around the machine.

Connect up to 4 smart cameras with Proxicam’s LCD monitor for up to 360º views around the machine. 

With a clear, bright image on it’s 7″ high-resolution TFT panel, the Proxicam monitor produces a sharp, full-colour image that’s easy to view in all light conditions. And the choice of single, split, triple or quad screen display enhances the operator’s range of vision. 

Operators are alerted to proximity and exclusion zone breaches with audible alerts and on-screen visual representation for immediate action.


Life Saving Alerts.

Proxicam's Detection Indicator for smaller machines.

When space is limited, or an LCD monitor is not required, Proxicam’s Detection Indicator provides the real-time audible and visual alerts to warn operators of pedestrian detection events. With an IP69 water and dust proof rating, the Detection Indicator can be mounted to any machine and exposed to any environment. 

Proxicam detection indicator alerts the operator when a pedestrian is detected

Capture Incidents. Prevent Future Ones.

Proxicam's DVR will record critical event video & data.

Integrated incident management adaptable to any fleet. Capture and report incidents or breaches into an exclusion zone however a heavy vehicle is set up. 

DV-Hub is a MIL-SPEC water and dust proof DVR that can capture continuous and event based HD video from up to 4 Proxicam cameras. Up to 2TB of hot-swap SSD storage is available. DV-Hub is locked and tamper-proof to ensure data security and integrity. 

Receive immediate back-to-base notifications via SMS or email, integrated with your existing telematics system or the FleetHQ video telematics and IoT solution.

Remote access to HD video, GPS location and other telemetry data is also available. 

DV-Hub is a MIL-SPEC water and dust proof DVR that can capture continuous and event based HD video

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