Spotto Blind Spot information system with radar

Blind Spot Information System (BSIS) for Trucks

Spotto BSM-MW with Radar technology.

Helps Drivers Change Lanes Safely. With Confidence.

Spotto™ sees where drivers can’t.

Incorporating state-of-the-art microwave Radar technology, the Spotto BSM-MW constantly monitors the blind areas alongside and in front of the truck.

The system operates at all times and in all weather conditions, and delivers real-time visual and audible alerts to potential collisions with other vehicles, motorcycles, cyclists and pedestrians that may be hidden in the truck’s blind spots.


Spotto in-cabin blind spot indicator

Real-time Alerts Prevent Collisions

Spotto warns drivers with both visual and audible alerts

When an object is detected in the blind area, Spotto’s in-cabin warning light will illuminate and remain illuminated as long as the object remains in the target zone.  If the truck’s turn signal indicator is active, the warning light flashes and Spotto issues an audible alert to warn the driver of a potential collision.

The in-cabin warning light is mounted at the truck’s A-pillar, in direct line-of-sight when checking the trucks side mirrors.

Designed & Developed in Australia. Made For Trucks.

Spotto isn't just smart. It's built tough.

Manufactured using die-cast aluminium and UV, water and dust proof polypropylene, the Spotto Radar has been engineered to withstand the demanding environments of Australian trucking.

Supplied complete with a steel mounting bracket and all hardware required for installation, the Spotto radar can be fitted to any truck -on the step, fairing or cab. 

spotto blind spot radar installed at side of truck

Intelligent Dual-Zone Detection Function

With low speed Turn-Assist.

Incorporating the most advanced high-frequency microwave sensor technology available to the automotive industry, the Spotto Radar is fast, accurate and reliable, even in rain, fog or snow.

The system is able to detect multiple objects and simultaneously measure and monitor their speed, direction of travel and distance to the truck, up to 85m away.

Spotto’s intelligent dual-zone detection function adjusts the system’s parameters relative to the truck’s driving speed – altering the size of the target zone and objective focus. 

truck blind spot

At Speeds above 30km/h.

Spotto™ focuses on moving objects only

At driving speeds above 30km/h, the BSM-MW monitors the adjacent lane, with a target zone that extends 3m from the truck and up to 12m along the side of the truck, extending forward of the bonnet.

In this mode, Spotto assists the driver during lane changing manoeuvres, by focusing its attention on moving objects only. Including all types of vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles that might be traveling in the adjacent lane. 

To reduce false alerts and minimise driver distraction, Spotto will filter out stationary objects, like guardrails, barriers and parked vehicles.

truck blind spot
truck blind spot

At Speeds below 30km/h.

Spotto™ focuses on all objects, including pedestrians.

Spotto’s Turn-Assist feature operates when the vehicle speed is below 30km/h, typically when turning at intersections, changing lanes in traffic or manoeuvering in the yard.

In this urban mode, Spotto’s target zone decreases to 1.5m from the truck and 3m wide. And will alert the driver when any object, both moving and stationary, are within the target zone – including pedestrians, cyclists and motorcycles that may be hidden out-of-sight alongside the truck.