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Frequently Asked Questions

Get to know the Mobileye technology.

Features & Functions

Will Mobileye control the vehicle? Such as automatic braking?

Mobileye’s aftermarket system is designed to only alert the driver – allowing more time to react.

It will not apply the brakes or take control of the steering like on factory-fitted systems.

Does Mobileye work at night?

Yes, Mobileye works at night. The only limitation is pedestrian detection (PCW) is disabled at night.

Does Mobileye work in poor weather conditions?

Yes, Mobileye has been tested to work in all weather conditions, including heavy rain and fog.

Does Mobileye recognise school zones?

No, Mobileye does not have an internal clock or GPS. It does not know when a speed zone changes during school times. It will always read the posted speed limit as 40km/h, irrespective of the day of the week or time of day.

Can the driver make changes, or disable / mute the system?

Depending on the setup agreed to by the fleet manager. In most cases the Mobileye system is locked to prevent driver tampering.

Are there any ongoing costs or maintenance required?

Mobileye is a onceoff cost. There are no subscriptions or ongoing costs. The system does not require any maintennace or updating.

Can the settings be customised to suit my fleet's environment?

Yes, the Mobileye system is customisable (to an extent) Our in-house development team will work with you to tailor a solution that works for your fleet.

The system is then locked so that drivers cannot make changes or disable the system. 

Does Mobileye integrate with telematics / tracking systems?

Yes, the Mobileye system has outputs that can be integrated into most telematcs hardware, providing they have available inputs. The Mobileye output options include CAN-Bus, serial, analogue and Bluetooth. 


Does Mobileye store data?

Mobileye does not have any memory or hard drive – it does not store any data.

Does Mobileye record video?

No, the Mobileye system does not record any video or audio.

Does Mobileye know my location?

No. Mobileye does not have GPS and is not tracking the location of the vehicle.

Can Mobileye send any data to a remote server?

Yes, but only when it’s connected to a telematics or fleet management system (FMS) and has been configured to do so.


What types of vehicle can Mobileye be installed into?

Mobileye can be fitted into any vehicle with a windshield and speed and blinker signals.

Can anybody install Mobileye?

No. The Mobileye system is calibrated for each vehicle and requires specific software and hardware to perform the installation. Technicians are trained and accredited by Mobileye before they can perform installations.

Can the Mobileye system be uninstalled from a vehicle and reinstalled into a new vehicle?

Yes, provided it is performed by a technician accredit by Mobileye or one of it’s distributors. It will need to be recalibrated for the new vehicle.

Will the Mobileye system affect the warranty on the vehicle?

No, the system is non-intrusive and does not affect the electrics of the vehicle in any way.

Does the Mobileye system connect to the vehicle's CAN-Bus network?

Yes, Mobileye needs to receive CAN signals like speed, blinkers, brake and wipers in order to operate.

The Mobileye system will only read from CAN. It does not send any data back down the CAN line.

In most installations, a CAN-sensor is used, eliminating the need to splice into CAN wires, which allows for a non-invasive connection to the CAN wiring.

How long does installation take?

Installation time will vary depending on the vehicle. From 45 mins to 2 hours.

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