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Melbourne-based Winslow Construction has extended their work-safe approach from the site to the vehicle.

Recognising that the motor vehicle is part of their employee’s workplace, Winslow opted to provide drivers with the safest possible environment – committing to install Mobileye’s collision avoidance technology to it’s fleet of aproximately 300 on-road vehicles.

Initially commencing with a Pilot to trial the technology, Winslow investigated other systems, while assessing the effectiveness of Mobileye in it’s trial vehicles. After a few months, the evidence was clear that Mobileye would assist in reducing the risk of collisions and provide enhanced safety for it’s drivers and other road users, especially pedestrians around work sites.

Winslow identified that it was more practical and cost-effective to opt for Mobileye’s aftermarket solution, and retro-fit their existing fleet, than to purchase new fleet vehicles. And because Mobileye is the supplier to almost all auto manufacturers, Winslow were confident in their decision.

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